Toddler Time

Step into the heartwarming embrace of our Toddler Time Program, a magical journey tailored for little ones aged 14 to 24 months, where parents will actively participate in their child’s learning journey. This 8-week program is crafted to provide a well-rounded developmental experience. Toddlers and parents engage in a variety of activities, including singing songs, art projects, and interactive play, fostering cognitive, motor, social, and emotional growth. The program emphasizes learning through play, creating opportunities for toddlers to explore, interact with peers, and acquire new skills in a fun and supportive environment. With a carefully structured schedule and limited enrollment, each toddler receives a personalized touch, ensuring  an enriching experience. Join us in creating precious moments of discovery and connection, aligning perfectly with our preschool's commitment to nurturing the spirit of curiosity and joy in every young learner.