Health & Safety

Updated Protocols for COVID-19


If your child is NOT up-to-date (fully vaccinated):  
*Prior to attending ECS, children are to test at home daily for at least 5 days following exposure and remain asymptomatic. Your child may continue to attend ECS as long as you provide proof of the child’s negative rapid antigen test on days 1-5 following the close contact. Tests must be administered on days 1-5 regardless of whether ECS     is closed.  You are to photo and send a picture of each test. Each test must be dated with your child’s name.  
*Wears a well-fitted mask at ECS. (If they cannot wear a well-fitting mask while around others through Day 10, they should remain in isolation through Day 10) 

Please read and review the following document regarding our updated COVID-19 Protocols:

Updated C-19 policy 7.2022.docx

If you have any questions, please feel free call or send an email.   

Rori Pollak