Health & Safety

Precautions & Guidelines for In-Person School
The Early Childhood School will adhere to current Office of Child Care and Maryland State Department of Health precautions. Our staff and substitute teachers have completed all required training for COVID-19 health and safety protocols and are fully vaccinated. Click here for FAQs and Guidance for all questions and if your child has been exposed to someone with COVID.

Travel Guidance and Policy: 
The ECS and the Maryland Health Department strongly advises all families to refrain from traveling out-of-state or international travel. The CDC highly recommends after you travel to either get tested 3-5 days after travel or stay home and self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms. At ECS, we ask that you consider and respect all children. If you feel that your child may have been exposed during travel, we ask that the child get a PCR test and wait for a negative result until return to school. For any travel-related questions or concerns, please contact the ECS office.

Confirmed Close Contacts of Persons with Covid-19:
✐ Children (under the age of 5 year old) and unvaccinated adult(s) who had close contact with someone suspected or confirmed COVID-19 should quarantine for at least 14 days after their last exposure to that person. Close contact is defined as within 6 feet of an infected person for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or moreover a 24-hour period.

People who are fully vaccinated and do not have COVID-19 symptoms after an exposure to someone suspected or confirmed with COVID-19 do not need to quarantine but must get PCR tested on days 3-5 and monitor for symptoms.

✐ People who are fully vaccinated and do have COVID-19 symptoms after an exposure to someone suspected or confirmed with COVID-19 must quarantine for 10 days and get PCR tested 3-5 days after known exposure.

Children (under the age of 5 years old) must quarantine for a full 14 days and PCR test on either days 5-7.

✐ The adult in the household tested positive for COVID-19 and then tested negative when retested. What do I do?
According to the Maryland State Department of Health, one cannot test out of a PCR test. If they feel there is an issue with the test. They should contact the lab that performed the test to see if they can provide a statement that indicates an inconclusive test or error. If the lab admits fault, we advise a follow up PCR.

✐ The adult in the household tested positive. What do I do?
Anyone who tests positive should isolate for 10 days. They can leave isolation and return to school/work on day 11 if for 24-hours they have been fever-free, and symptoms have improved without the use of medication. Anyone who is exposed should quarantine for 10 days over the age of 5, and those 5 and under need to quarantine for 14 days. Everyone should monitor symptoms for 14 days. 

International Travel Plans: Unvaccinated children must stay home and self-quarantine for a full 7 days after travel; AND get tested with a PCR test between days 3-5 day after travel and continue to quarantine for a total of 7 days.

Out-of-State Travel Plans:  Effective 10/1/21:

*All unvaccinated children must get a PCR test within 72 hours PRIOR to coming to school. This applies to all states except for DC, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

*It is clear that persons can carry and transmit COVID regardless of vaccination status. Therefore, unvaccinated children must get a PCR test on day 5 (the child may come to school during this time) after visits from guests in the home or parents who travel out of state with the exception of DC, VA, Delaware, PA, and West Virginia. In the meantime, we ask that parents monitor vigilantly for any symptoms after visits from guests in the home and parent travel. (Updated 9/28/21)
✐ If you are traveling to or with a person/s that is unvaccinated, ECS requires a PCR test before return to school.
✐ We highly recommend before you plan travel that you check the CDC website to see if your destination is at a Very high to high risk level.


All staff, B’nai Shalom of Olney personnel, and maintenance crew are required to wear masks at all times.
✐ Children between two and five years old are expected to wear masks. If your child has a specific reason where s/he cannot wear a mask, please notify the Director. A medical note is required if a child is not able to wear a mask.  
✐ Parents are requested to provide a sufficient amount of clean masks to change into throughout the day. The ECS office will charge a one-time fee of $1.50 for any single disposable mask provided to any student in case of emergencies.

Daily Health Checks:
All families will be required to complete the Daily Health Assessment for all children and completed by 8:30am. If there are concerning responses to symptoms, exposure or temperature, the front office will call before school begins.
✐ Parents are required to be truthful when responding to the health assessment questions. Failure to do so puts the staff and children at risk. Potential termination of school contract will be discussed if family is found negligible.

Physical Distancing Expectation:
✐ At this time, only staff, children, and B’nai Shalom of Olney personnel are allowed in the building. No parent or guests of any kind are allowed in the building. Please call in advance if you need to speak with staff or drop off items. We will meet you outside or plan a private call.
✐ Tours of the school will be held virtually. Appointments must be made in advance with school administrators. Click here for appointment.

Cleaning and Sanitization:
✐ ECS staff will wear fresh masks and gloves when diapering and handling food.
✐ ECS staff cleans and rotates toys, books, supplies for a 24-hour period away from the hands of the children.
✐ BSO cleaning crew cleans and sanitizes door handles, key pads, bathroom stalls, sink, and countertops. Our evening crew cleans all classrooms including chairs, tables, floors, and sinks.
✐ Each classroom is equipped with Colzer Air Purifiers with True HEPA air filter. In addition, windows are open (weather permitting) for air flow and ventilation.  

Questions about our health & safety information?
Please contact Eve Margol or Christine Nguyen