Our Difference

Here at the Early Childhood School (ECS), we take pride in offering a dynamic educational experience that combines tradition with innovation. At ECS, STREAM (Science, Technology, Relationships, Engineering, Art & Math) isn't just a component of our curriculum; it's at the core of our educational philosophy.

STREAM: Science, Technology, Relationships, Engineering, Art & Math

At the ECS Summer Camp, we believe that summer is the perfect time for kids to explore, play, and grow. Our carefully crafted summer program is designed to provide a safe and enriching environment for children to make friends, discover new interests, and enjoy every moment of their summer.

At ECS, we've integrated the STREAM approach into every facet of our curriculum, shaping a holistic educational journey for your child:

Science: We encourage curiosity and hands-on exploration, fostering a deep understanding of the world around us.

Technology: Our approach empowers children to use technology as a creative tool, promoting problem-solving and inventive thinking.

Relationships: We prioritize emotional learning and the development of strong relationships with peers and adults, enhancing social skills.

Engineering: Problem-solving and creativity thrive here. Children are encouraged to design, create, and build, nurturing critical thinking and innovation.

Art: We celebrate artistic expression through sensory exploration, drama, music, drawing, and painting, unlocking creativity.

Math: Math is more than numbers; it's about practical, everyday applications of sequencing, patterning, and spatial understanding.

Active, Play-Based Learning: Fostering Creativity and Independence

Our STREAM curriculum is the heartbeat of our school. It's designed to engage children actively, encouraging them to play, explore, and create. Through hands-on activities, we ignite their curiosity, and as they take on tasks independently, their confidence soars.

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What our families love about ECS

Children develop an ongoing love for learning: Our approach makes learning an exciting adventure, where children can experiment, succeed, and learn from failures within a supportive environment.

Children develop better confidence and self-esteem: Our play-based, hands-on approach empowers children to believe in themselves and their abilities.

Children develop critical thinking skills: Our activities promote observation, pattern recognition, analysis, and prediction, fostering critical thinking abilities. Our curriculum nurtures curiosity and helps children understand cause-and-effect relationships, expanding their horizons.

Children get to enjoy creativity: We encourage thinking outside the box, seeing things from different perspectives, and using tools and materials creatively.

Children have better communication skills: Teamwork and open-mindedness enhance listening skills, connections with peers, and empower children to ask thoughtful questions.

Children have better executive function skills: Children learn to direct their exploration, focus their attention, make decisions, solve problems, and manage tasks, promoting vital executive function skills.

Children develop a great sense of their social and emotional spaces: We emphasize empathy and self-control, aiding in emotional regulation and healthy social interactions.

At Early Childhood School, we're not just preparing children for the future; we're nurturing their innate curiosity, creativity, and love for learning, all while honoring our traditions. Join us in embracing the power of STREAM education and embark on an enriching educational journey with ECS.

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