Sprint into Spring with Color Run and The Early Childhood School at BSO

The Early Childhood School at BSO is thrilled to announce our Color Run event, set to drench our community in hues of happiness and unity on April 7, 2024. We’re showing up with a rainbow of possibilities, where families can run, play, and make a splash—all in support of a noble cause.

Who's Invited? You are! We're calling on all families within our cherished school community and the broader Olney area to join hands (and hearts) in this exhilarating celebration. Whether you're a parent, friend, or supporter of our little learners, this day is for you to share laughter, joy, and colorful strides towards a brighter future.

Why Join the Fun? Participating in the Color Run isn't just about the thrill of the chase or the joy of being splashed in kaleidoscopic colors. It's a chance to directly impact the lives of our students by supporting scholarships that open doors to endless learning opportunities. By registering for this event, spreading the word, and contributing to our cause, you're paving a path of hope and opportunity for children. Beyond the fun and festivity, you'll be bonding with the community, enjoying quality time with your loved ones, and contributing to a cause that makes education accessible to every child.

A Day to Remember: We want every participant to leave the Color Run with hearts as full as their color-splattered shirts. Expect a day packed with activities that spark joy, promote wellness, and strengthen the bonds of our community. It's a chance to see the school's mission in vibrant action—fostering a nurturing, inclusive, and enriching environment for our youngest members. We believe in building a foundation of love, learning, and community for our children. This event is a reflection of our commitment to not just education, but to creating a space where families come together, celebrating and supporting each other in raising the next generation of thinkers, leaders, and dreamers.

Let's come together to make April 7, 2024, a day marked by joy, community, and a shared commitment to our children's future. Register, invite your friends, and get ready to be part of something truly special. Together, we can turn this Color Run into a canvas of our community's collective spirit and generosity.

Join us as we paint our town in the colors of hope, unity, and endless possibilities. See you at the starting line!

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