Celebrating Unity and Tradition: The Shabbat Sing for Parents Event

Shabbat is a weekly occurrence at the ECS. The children sing songs, hear stories and partake in lighting candles, blessing the wine, and eating challah.  We are thrilled when our ECS families join us for our ruach (spirited) Shabbat sing on the first and third Fridays of the month. These special gatherings are an opportunity for our ECS families to come together in celebration and community, sharing in the rich tradition of Shabbat. Prior to Shabbat sing on the 3rd Friday of the month, the Director and the Assistant Director hold a Coffee Talk session. Parents are welcome to come for coffee and pastries and great conversations. It is a time to chat with other parents, to ask questions about the curriculum, child development, or changes possibly happening at the school. Afterwards, we all join the children for our community Shabbat sing.

A Gathering for Families

The Parent Shabbat sing is designed specifically for our current families. As the ECS is an inclusive program, this time period is a moment for us to strengthen the connections within our school community, boost awareness of our cultural and religious practices, and foster a sense of belonging and unity among families.

Participate, Engage, and Immerse

We encourage families to experience the beauty of our Shabbat sing with their child. From learning their favorite songs, to the lighting of the candles, and saying blessings, it is a time of community building and bonding. It's an opportunity not just to observe but to actively participate. By doing so, we hope families will feel inspired to deepen their involvement with our school and continue their journey of cultural and spiritual exploration with us.

The Benefits of Joining Us

We hope that by participating in the Shabbat sing, families can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the cultural significance of Shabbat, connect with other ECS families, and experience the warmth and community spirit that defines our school. It's a glimpse into our welcoming and inclusive environment, offering a sense of belonging and connection to all who join.

Here are lyrics and links to two of the children’s favorite songs: 

The Dinosaur Song

There’s a dinosaur knocking at my door, knocking One Two Three
There’s a dinosaur knocking at my door,
and he wants to have Shabbat with me

First, he lights the candles, then he drinks the wine.
Then he eats the Challah, which always tastes so fine. (Chorus)

Bim Bam


Bim bam bim bim bim bam
Bim bim bim bim bim bam

Shabbat shalom (Hey!)

Shabbat shalom (Hey!)
Shabbat Shabbat Shabbat Shabbat shalom

Shabbat Shabbat Shabbat Shabbat shalom (2x)