18401 Burtfield Drive, Olney, MD 20832

Special Needs and Inclusion

We accept children with a full range of abilities and needs.  We work in partnership with families to find innovative solutions to best meet the individual needs of each child.

Our classes offer age-appropriate student to teacher ratio.

  • Allowance is made for modification in schedule, program, materials and expectations to meet individual needs.
  • Where necessary, the school may provide additional support in the classroom at the parent’s expense. The families must also be responsible for outside consultations, evaluating and professional services.
  • Special needs consultants are available through Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) Infants/Toddler Program. They provide support and help to parents, conduct classroom observations and give recommendations for professional referrals and training for staff to support children with special needs.
  • For children who are currently in other settings, observations may be conducted to see how we can best meet the child’s needs.
  • We will serve as a resource in finding available services for the children.
  • We will try to be flexible in finding the best environment within the school, with the option of changing the environment, if needed.

Any relevant information that can be provided to us, including, but not limited to consultations, reports written by other professionals, IEP’s and school reports, are helpful in providing an appropriate program for your child.  This information will be held in strictest confidence.

We will do our best to meet your child’s needs, but we recognize our limitations.  If we cannot meet these needs, we will make every attempt to work with you to find an alternative placement.