18401 Burtfield Drive, Olney, MD 20832

Our Program

jonah_writingIt is our belief that early childhood should be a time of fun, exploration, warmth, security, and celebration. Children are creative and receptive individuals; our staff will strive to strengthen and nurture these qualities in a stimulating and respectful environment. We will provide the highest quality secular and Judaic education to children from our Toddler & Me class through our pre-K, creating challenging learning experiences that encourage social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth and development of your child as a whole.

Our developmentally appropriate curriculum prepares children for future success in school and life.  Our program is play based and presents cognitive learning with engaging materials and strategies in an environment that meets children’s interests and needs. Language and literacy, mathematics, fine and gross motor skills, science, and social/emotional development are the core components of learning.

Jewish holidays are a central part of our curriculum. Through stories, dramatic play, art, cooking and other hand-on learning our children experience the holidays and make them come alive in the classrooms. The Jewish values we share as a community to help each other, work together, take care of each other, the environment, and those in need are both intentionally taught and part of our everyday experiences in the classrooms.

The goals of the curriculum are:

  • Provide an atmosphere that is warm, loving and accepting.
  • Help each child make a successful transition from home to school.
  • Teach cooperation and respect with school expectations and modeling.
  • Provide opportunities for each child to work independently and in groups.
  • Provide opportunities for self-expression through dramatics, language, art, music, and play.
  • Provide opportunities for children to make choices, solve problems, and develop social relationships.
  • Encourage each child to explore, observe, question, and listen.
  • Stimulate natural curiosity and encourage creative thinking.
  • Provide for all areas of the child’s development: physical, cognitive, social, linguistic, emotional and spiritual through a developmentally appropriate, integrated approach to learning.
  • Work with each child to become increasingly responsible and independent.
  • Help each child develop large and small motor skills.
  • Provide a warm, loving, and safe environment.
  • Expose children to Jewish customs, Shabbat, mitzvot, holidays, and Israel through a variety of daily experiences.