18401 Burtfield Drive, Olney, MD 20832


The mission of the Early Childhood School at BSO is to experience learning through meaningful play. What may appear as “just play” is constructive work for young children beginning to gather meaning from their environment.  Young children learn by manipulating, questioning, creating, observing, exploring, experimenting, interacting, and by using their senses. We provide both formal and informal experiences throughout each day that promotes this type of learning.  As a Jewish school, important components of our program include celebrating Shabbat and holidays, teaching Jewish values and customs, and a love for Israel. Children of all backgrounds are welcomed into our school, and we strive to ensure that all families find the ECS to be a comfortable “second home.”

Our experienced teaching staff understands how children learn and develop. They will offer guidance, assistance and encouragement, and provide developmentally appropriate learning materials and experiences.  We believe that parents are partners and value open communication and collaboration. We recognize the uniqueness of each child and will provide experiences that are relevant to each child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs, helping each student make progress. It is our desire to provide a warm, loving environment where all children are welcome, feel secure, and where learning is meaningful and fun!